NetRom Internet

NetRom offers many services for the exclusive use of our members. The following is just a partial list of some of our special offerings! Click on an item to find out more.

Quake Servers WWW Proxy Server
Web Based Chat MS Frontpage Extensions
NetRom Forum For NetRom Users Only!

Quake Servers

NetRom is proud to host 2 Quake servers. Quake is an exciting game played alone or against other players from around the world. When you connect directly to NetRom you'll get excellent ping times and no lag with our QuakeWorld and Standard quake servers located at

Check us out and frag a few!

NetRom QuakeWorld Server Info
NetRom Standard Quake Server Info

Web Chat

NetRom offers several types of chat servers. We run a standard Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server which is located at port 6667. Use your favorite IRC client software to connect to our server. Your friends from around the world can also access this server so that you can have private chats without the "lameness" sometimes associated with EfNet IRC servers.

We are also beta testing Conference Room which is a java based IRC client that lets you use any Java compliant web browser to connect to our server. Tell your friends about the following URL

Join in the fantastic world of Internet Relay Chat! Talk in real time with 10,000's of people from all around the world with our special web browser interface to IRC. (Still in beta test, but it does work quite well except for some "repeats" and this program currently ONLY works with Netscape browsers.)
Give it a test by clicking here!

NetRom Forum

A UseNet news forum exclusively for NetRom users! Post things for sale, discuss performance issues, how do I do's, whatever you want! The NetRom Forum is your place to say whats on YOUR mind!
Click here to try it out!

WWW Proxy Server

This feature is for more advanced surfers who have need for a proxy server. Available ONLY when connected to the NetRom system via a dial-in modem. The server address is port 80

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions

The easy way to create your own personal web page. Coming soon!

For NetRom Users Only!

A place all your own! Change your password, check time used online, get additional server information, how to setup your web page and much much more! (Not all features are currently available.) This page is ONLY accessible when you are connected via a NetRom modem! Click here to access!